How To Do a Closet Makeover This Summer With Ease

  • by Pat
  • 5 Months ago
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We all anticipate summer with great joy! Ever since we were children, we were programed to look forward to summer. As adults, we continue that trend using it as the time to complete tasks when our schedules aren’t so crazy or just for some well-deserved personal time. Now academic schedules end and new schedules begin and with it a new task list. Why not make revitalizing your wardrobe one of those tasks?

Your image matters. Whether we like it or not our appearance speaks volumes. If your clothing could talk, what would it say about you? What words would you use to describe you? For example, fun, free-spirit, sophisticated, reserved, elegant, comfortable and smart, etc. Be intentional and choose the words you want your clothing to say about you (If you need a list for ideas, check out my website). Chances are you already have several pieces that do, but if revitalizing your wardrobe sounds like an overwhelming and costly job, then here’s an idea that might help!
Begin by creating a summer capsule using the favorite pieces you already own. If you’re not sure if they are the right colors for you, make a little investment in yourself and find out. You won’t regret it! Here’s a tip, when you are wearing the right colors for you, it’s more likely you’ll hear compliments that focus on you rather than the garments. Your wardrobe capsule will come together easily if you begin with some neutral colored pieces and build off of those. You should have eight to twelve pieces that are all interchangeable when you are finished. Put all those in one section of your closet. Make sure that all the hangers are facing one direction. Each time you pull something to wear, turn the hanger around when it goes back. You will clearly see the items you are not wearing. Another idea is to create a travel capsule. Then you’ll be ready for vacation or any summer adventure!

With all the pieces left you can now evaluate one at a time, over the course of summer. Depending on the size of your closet you may want to do a little each day or week. This makes it more manageable. Here are some questions to consider. Does it fit? Is it the right color palette? Does this garment fit my description I’m trying to achieve? How do I feel when I wear it? Is it a complimentary style? Would it work if it were altered? If you’re like me, closet space is too valuable to keep things that are just okay. Of course you’ll have those pieces that are for special occasions. Just remember, you can maximize your space and wardrobe when each piece is interchangeable with more than one other piece.

Happy summer and don’t forget to protect your skin too! If you need help with a plan to get you started, color analysis, or defining your style, contact me at