It Takes Courage to Begin To Climb

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courage for the climb

Are you happy? If you ask most people that question they’ll hem and haw and not really answer. I think that’s terrible. Here in the US our constitution guarantees us the right to pursue happiness. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the pursuit that we forget to see the happiness that is around us every day. We think when I’m thinner or richer or someplace other than right here, like over ‘there’, then I’ll be happy. What I have learned so far in my life is, there’s no ‘there’.

Whenever you get to where you thought you needed to be, there’s always something else. Something you want to accomplish, something else you feel that you need, some trial you need to get through. It’s always something.

Well guess what? It’s always GOING TO BE something. Life is just like climbing a series of mountain peaks. You climb and you work and you climb and you sweat and you get there!

And there’s another peak. Drat!

What we need to do is learn how to live as we climb. Courage is the key- when you’re going to put yourself out there, to do something magnificent or significant, you need to have courage. You need to believe in yourself. You have to know you’re going to do it, whatever ‘it’ is, no matter what. You need to trust in your own dedication to the accomplishment. That doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. That doesn’t mean you won’t stumble. It doesn’t even mean you have the faintest idea how you’re going to do whatever it is. It just means that you’re going to do it anyway.

Building your courage muscles can be very scary. It is so much easier to stay safe with what you know. To do what you already know how to do. To stay with the same people. But just know that some of those people are going to try to hold you back. They think they’re saving you from yourself. Protecting you from hurt. Or there are not so nice reasons. They don’t want you to leave them. They don’t want you to succeed where they haven’t even tried. There are all kinds of reasons. So you have to pull your courage out and tell your friends and family that you’re going to do your thing even if they aren’t supportive.
Courage lets you be a leader, an example to others. Courage lets you walk out on that limb with no other security than your inner guidance to tell you how to step carefully and to give you the confidence you know where you’re going.

I am on a mission from God! WE can shift from me to WE in just a little shift to a World of enough! Look into your heart and find your courage to step out on faith and be willing to live life with corrections.

Let’s climb together. Visit my website and download the checklist about 12 Ways to Improve the World One Light at a time.

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