Jeanne McMurry Soars to Success by Helping Others

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Jeanne McMurry

Jeanne McMurry has Soared to Success by helping her clients enjoy and improve their lives. She learned the important midwestern values of helping others, by being raised in Nebraska.

Jeanne was trained as a cosmetologist, aesthetician and make-up artist, and spent 25 years in the Spa industry. She loved the feeling of helping her clients feel better physically, because they felt better about themselves as a result.

While in Las Vegas, she was involved in the startup of two major spas, the Bellagio and Aria Spa Tower. In 2010, Jeanne had a vision to create a 100% natural body care line. She hired a skin care formulator who specializes in natural, exclusive spa products and came up with an amazing body line called KonaKiss, sold exclusively in spas.

As a renowned cosmetologist, Aesthetician, and makeup artist, Jeanne developed a large clientele and became one of the most sought-after specialists in Las Vegas.

Life decided to throw a curve, however. Marriage issues temporarily put a damper on her business and life. In an attempt to save her marriage, she left her lucrative practice in Las Vegas and moved to Hawaii to mend the marriage. In Hawaii, she had to start her business over.

While on the Big Island, Jeanne dedicated herself to improving the quality of life for cancer victims. With her background and training, she started the “Look Good, Feel Better” program to pamper cancer patients. Her program was so beneficial, she received Hawaii’s “Sunshine Award” for her work in cancer treatment.

Her marriage eventually ended and divorce became a reality. Jeanne was forced to decide whether to return full-time to the spa industry, working long days for someone else, or strike out on her own. Another important consideration in her decision, now as a single-mother, was her son, Brylee, who is pictured on the cover with her. She had to look a hard look at whether she was willing to pay someone else to raise her young son, while she was forced to work long days at the spa.

Jeanne Embraced Essential Oils

She believes God put her in Las Vegas to meet the people that influenced her and introduced her to the essential oil industry.

A friend, who worked at the Bellagio, kept insisting that Jeanne become more acquainted with the essential oil lines and add them in her business. But, Jeanne was hesitant.

“I kept telling her, nope, nope, nope.”

After several instances of Jeanne refusing to take on the essential oil lines, she finally did her research and learned of the medicinal properties of the products and compelling stories of how they helped to improve people’s lives.

She learned that dōTERRA products are of the highest quality, even better than organic grade. The quality standards are so stringent, that even if a farm is totally organic, but borders a neighboring farm that uses pesticides, or herbicides, there could be cross contamination. Thus, those ingredients are unacceptable.

She shared with us that scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of essential oils and many hospitals have begun to utilize them as a natural healing alternative for their patients. These factors fit into Jeanne’s concept of helping everyone, not just the severely ill or those suffering from cancer. She realized that anyone could benefit from using these products in their daily lives.

4 years ago, when she became a single mom, she rejected the idea of going back to work full-time and instead decided to go all in with dōTERRA as a wellness advocate. She worked hard and within a few months was able to provide financially for her small family.

Jeanne is Accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Certified Essential Oil Coach, A Certified AromaTouch instructor by Dr. David K Hill, and a Blue Diamond in dōTERRA.

She says:

“I have the best job in the word! dōTERRA can be hard work but it is so much fun! I was raised in Nebraska by amazing parents who taught us to help others and to lend a hand where needed. I get to work from home, set my own hours, be there for my family and friends and help people in so many ways and get paid for it!” 

Jeanne Returned to Her Roots

3 years ago, Jeanne asked Brylee if he would be willing to move back to Nebraska for 9 months during the school year so they could help his Grandma and Grandpa grow their dōTERRA team. He said yes and they moved back to Nebraska to help educate and grow not only family, but friends too, in dōTERRA.  Within a month of moving back, with the help with some amazing friends, who are their top leaders, her parents became a Silver rank.

Her parents were rapidly able to demonstrate the benefits of the dōTERRA products to their retired friends, making the business grow beyond their expectations. Now rather than struggling to meet monthly bills during retirement, they can travel and enjoy their golden years, while helping others do the same.

As a result of this success, helping retired people share the oils and supplement their income is one of Jeanne’s passions.

Jeanne’s son fell in love with Nebraska and everything it has to offer, including the weather, so they ultimately decided to remain there.

Jeanne survived the hardships that led her down this path and is very satisfied with where she is right now in her own life.

“I love my JOB! I get to be with uplifting, energizing, passionate people, who not only want to make a difference in their own life, but the lives of others. I thank God every day for guiding me down this path and blessing me with this mission, as well as, providing the means to help others.”

Jeanne believes that everyone needs to have, a WHY, a Passion and a Goal to make life worth living.

Her Why, has been to help others throughout her entire life. Her Passion, has been to help her clients feel better by using dōTERRA products. She has not only helped her parents enjoy a satisfying retirement, she has helped members of her sales team improve their financial situations. Ultimately, by helping others, she has reached her own Goal of achieving financial security for both herself and Brylee.

The solid Midwestern values of, “Helping Thy Neighbor,” has worked very well for Jeanne McMurry.

We enjoyed our conversation with Jeanne that was the basis of this article; visit our website to listen to the podcast recording with even more about Jeanne. If you would like to learn more about Jeanne, contact her at

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