June Feature Article: Kris Thaller Helps Her Clients Go Make It Happen

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Kris Thaller

Kris Thaller grew up thinking she would be a school teacher, but instead became a teacher of skills to help her clients visualize new possibilities.

Kris knows that everyone has ideas dreams and a Vision for their life and will at times talk themselves out of doing what they really want to do.  Kris became a Life Coach to make a positive impact on her client’s lives, help them make the changes they need to make so they can move their ideas and dreams into Reality and Soar to Success.

For example, one of Kris’s first clients lost his job as a DJ at a radio station, but was not certain if he wanted to continue working in the radio industry or venture into a different field.

As they got into the coaching process he also shared with Kris that he had promised himself that he would have his own free-lance voice over business by the time he was 40 and it hadn’t happened yet. It was really bothering him. Since Life Coaches are in the business of asking effective questions so their client can see their own answer, Kris asked him what actions he had taken to get the business up and running. In fact, he had taken several actions towards making that happen; he had purchased recording equipment, built a studio in his home and made numerous phone calls introducing himself to people he thought might need his service. After looking at items that still needed to happen (which were very few) Kris’s next question was, “What is stopping you  from launching this new business?” He said he couldn’t decide if he was supposed to be a DJ or a Voiceover Guy. At this point Kris asked one more very powerful question. “Is It possible that you could be or do both?

She saw the light in her client’s eyes as he saw a possibility he had not seen before; that it didn’t need to be an either or situation.  It could be both.  He also saw that he still had a passion to be a Radio DJ and that the new business would allow him to fill his need for creativity, which was a missing piece of the puzzle for him. Within a short period of time, the client soon found a job with another radio station, plus launched his new business.

By asking the right questions as a Life Coach, Kris helped her client move forward and produce the results he was aiming for, in this case, owning his own business. He was able to go past where he had been stopping himself.

Looking For A Way to Make It Happen.

Kris had built a career in the fitness industry for 30 years, as a fitness trainer in the 1980’s and 90’s. She was a nationally recognized fitness expert for the elderly and designed exercise programs specifically for older adults. In 1994, she was a keynote speaker at the National Conference on Aging in Washington D.C. Her place on the podium was scheduled between Hilary Clinton and Dr. Ruth. Imagine that!

Later, when she held the position of President of  her Church Board, her minister told her about a course he had taken and suggested that Kris attend it also. He believed that the workshop would provide essential training to better deal with church issues she might face in her position. The four-day course was taught by Dr. Maria Nemeth, the founder of the Academy for Coaching Excellence.

“This was back in 2004, I didn’t have any idea what life coaching was and I certainly didn’t think that one day I would be applying the lessons I learned at that seminar.”

However, rather than simply returning home and filing the seminar materials on a shelf in her office, Kris began to implement the strategies and tools she learned. Something had clicked during that week and over the next year, she attended more of Dr. Nemeth’s seminars.

Her fitness business grew and she became a valued consultant for fitness trainers around the Midwest. She  loved what she did but saw that she could make a bigger impact in people’s lives through Life Coaching. She was applying more and more of the training she had learned through The  Academy for Coaching Excellence in her everyday life and was looking for more ways to make a difference .

She closed her fitness business and started Coaching Dimensions, a company dedicated to working with smart busy professionals who want less stress, better results and  more freedom to do the things they would love to do.

Everyone has a Vision whether they know it or not.

Several years ago, Kris was developing a vision for her business. She realized the power creating a clear vision can have, not only for a business, but for an individual’s personal life. Through her visualization work with her own Personal Life Coach, she found the perfect avenue, on which to base her Life Coaching Business. Kris said I saw that I wanted Coaching Dimensions to act as a catalyst for my clients to have their own vision.”

She now helps her clients create a vision for every aspect of their life, including a vision of what they want for their personal life, as well as, their family, business and community.  Kris recommends that they set pen to paper and articulate it. That’s the first step for moving it into reality.

Once a clear vision becomes apparent, the person can set the wheels in motion to move it into reality. Kris shared that since her start she’s helped dozens and dozens of people create their vision. She regularly gets emails and phone calls letting her know every time something in their vision has shown up in physical reality. That’s what she means when she refers to her company as a catalyst, because without their clear vision, none of it would have shown up.

Kris is benefiting from a vision her husband had

Kris’s husband had a dream and strong desire to live on some acreage; however, Kris was fine with living in town. He pursued his vision and now they are living in the country. Kris told us, “I love it, we both love it. And if it wasn’t for his dream and the fact that he took action on it, I wouldn’t be experiencing what I’m experiencing out here on this acreage with him.” She particularly enjoys watching the amazing sight of the moon rising every night.

Kris has a sincere belief in the proper use of energy

The six forms of energy we can use to move us forward include, Time, Money, Enjoyment, Physical Vitality, Support and Creativity. Positive results are produced, when those forms are used consistently with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

“When we can focus our energy precisely where it’s needed, we’re going to get the desired results. Keep it simple, don’t make things harder than they need to be.”

You can learn more about this by taking Kris’s online course, Energy Efficiency and Work Life Balance Quick Start Course.

Kris Thaller discovered  her purpose and created a life that brings her satisfaction, while helping her clients make what matters to them happen.

It certainly was our pleasure to interview Kris Thaller. Listen to our entire podcast with her.


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