Learn How to Increase Your Resilience Capacity

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Resilience capacity

The traditional Webster’s definition of resilience is “the ability to bounce back or to rebound, to return to original form after being bent”. However, resiliency is more than bouncing back from the unexpected changes of life that can make life seem so difficult or hard.

Many people today feel worn out, cranky and even cynical much of the time. You could say that they are living “pedal to the metal”. Being resilient is a different way to live your life; living in a way so that setbacks and obstacles become little bumps in the road and are actually signals that you are headed in the right direction. They are not a reason to give up. You learn how to work and live with greater clarity, focus, ease and grace.

When you increase your capacity to be resilient, you learn how to “push your personal pause button”, create some breathing room for yourself and show up to life with greater poise and confidence. My recommendation is to start small by practicing with everyday irritations like a traffic jam, clutter, a slow computer, or a delayed airplane flight. You are changing your “internal set-point” so that when bigger discomforts occur, you respond, instead of react.

Starting small helps change your internal “set-point” gradually. Learning to shift the focus of your attention and use your inner resources to successfully cope with your busy day, deadlines, occasional messy family situations, complicated relationships or if you just want to have a better balance between work, family and personal time. You are increasing your capacity to be resilient in the face of greater difficulties.

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