Meditation – No Excuses!

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There are numerous research and case studies on the benefits of meditation.  So, why are we not doing it?  Here are some excuses – it is boring, to tiring, no time!  Give me a break!  A 5-10 minute meditation practice can save your life!

Are you feeling stressed?  No time for yourself?  Meditation is a simple yet effective way to destress and bring balance to your life.  Start with a five minute practice every morning – yes, just five minutes.

Meditation practice has been linked to reducing physical symptoms such as high blood pressure along with emotional concerns like anxiety and depression.

A quiet place is best for meditation.  I usually do this in the morning before others are out of bed.  The usual meditation is to sit quietly and focus on your breathing pattern or an object for five minutes.  This helps to clear the mind and boost the immune system.

There are options available for types of meditations!

Not everyone finds the practice of sitting quietly helpful or they may wish to change up their meditation routine by adding other options.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Walking meditation where you are able to connect with nature.
  • Moving meditation where your body is gently moving/dancing which helps clear the mind.
  • Creative meditation using art and breath as a way to release stress and find relaxation.
  • Aroma meditation using the sense of smell to deepen the meditation experience.

Contact me to learn more about these and other holistic practices and/or go visit my website for more information.

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