‘NO’ Is Not A 4 Letter Word

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Diane Helbig

Diane HelbigSo many small business owners struggle to grow their client base. They avoid cold calling, or even following up with prospects. And it’s all because they are afraid the other person is going to say ‘no.’ They might even be mean about it!

Let’s take a look at what ‘no’ really means. The truth is that unless you are a total jerk, ‘no’ isn’t about you at all. It’s all about them; what they need, where they are, and what’s on their mind. They don’t know you well enough to make a statement about you.

Another truth is that ‘no’ is liberating! Have you ever been in a situation where the other person wouldn’t give you an answer? Did they avoid your call? Maybe they stopped responding to your emails and messages. What’s that all about? And what do you do about it? You’re left unsure of what they want, and therefore, what to do next. Do you give up? Press the point? Pay them a visit?

Now let’s look at a different experience. Let’s say that person had permission to, and indeed did, say ‘no.’

Now do you know what to do? Yes! You move on! Believe me, this isn’t the place where you try to change their mind! Be grateful they told you where they stand. Be grateful that you know there is no opportunity here – right now.

Thank them for their time and attention. You have just been given freedom to continue to build relationships where they make sense.

No is an answer. And, it’s not a bad answer. Remember, you aren’t going to do business with everyone! You are only going to do business with the people you can help. Where you have a solution to their problem and they value what you offer.

It’s my belief that if you approach every discussion with the notion that you may, or may not, have a solution for the person or company you are talking to, you will have a comfortable relationship with the word ‘no.’ See what I mean? You are prepared for the possibility that they will not want to talk with you, or explore your solution, or hire you, or buy your product. Any one of those will be ‘no.’


I’ll give you one last tidbit – they say it takes 10 ‘no’s to get a ‘yes.’ So, you should embrace the ‘no’. Every one of them gets you closer to yes! ‘No’ can move you forward so don’t avoid it or stress over it. Head on out there and connect where you can.

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