Patiently Detach From the Outcome

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Pat Altvater

Editor’s Column:

Patience, I’ve heard it’s a virtue, have you?  It’s one that’s eluded me for most of my life, until I finally got it.  My motto used to be “I want what I want and I want it now”, does that sound familiar?  According to Wayne Dyer that is one of the main reasons people don’t manifest their desires.

It’s when you shift away from impatience and into inner knowing, that you begin to attract those things you want into your life.   Dyer says “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and without anxiety.”

So, the secret to being patient is in having trust in the certainty of the outcome.  This knowing then puts you at ease so you can release having to know the how or the when something will manifest.  Impatience is the failure to trust.

To practice this principle:

  1. Banish doubt and enter the realm of certainty. When you hear yourself doubting your ability to manifest your desire, stop that thought and remember that anything you ask for is yours automatically, just by asking.
  2. Let go of expectations.  Remain completely detached from the inclination to measure and calculate what is and is not showing up for you.  Just believe everything is working as it is supposed to.
  3. Release all judgments. Leave behind all judgments and become totally accepting of all that arrives.

This month practice patience!

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Pat Altvater
AFP Marketing

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