Protect Your Business Data With ‘Data Insurance’

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Disaster Recovery Plan

With today’s businesses relying heavily on vast amounts of data, it should come as no surprise that data insurance is now something you can invest in for your business. Like any other type of insurance, coverage and costs will vary from provider to provider and policy to policy, but all options will offer some form of protection for your business should you find yourself facing major data loss.

If the absolute worst happens and you suddenly find your data backups have been damaged or destroyed, or are otherwise inaccessible for an indeterminate amount of time, a data insurance policy can provide financial compensation to help you rebuild. Your data may be irreplaceable, but having a little something to help keep things afloat while you figure out your next move can be the difference between starting over and throwing in the towel.

As the southern US continues to deal with the effects of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, the chaos and destruction they’re facing serves as a very real reminder of why disaster recovery planning is so critical for businesses. Data backups that can survive the loss – either temporary or permanent – of your office space are beyond critical to the future of your business, and this is where cloud technology can prove to be incredibly useful.

Minimizing downtime is the core purpose of any disaster recovery plan, which means the success of your plan is determined entirely by how quickly you can restore access to important files and applications. However, if your disaster recovery plan can only handle a few specific disaster scenarios and can’t adapt to unexpected circumstances, that plan is all but useless.

Crafting your disaster recovery plan around a cloud-based backup solution offers two big advantages – first, your data is protected from threats that affect your immediate area by making use of failover sites located far from your office; and secondly, it gives you the option to restore access when and how you see fit.

A cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery system gives your business the freedom and flexibility to restore access to your data from just about anywhere. If a natural disaster, fire, or flood were to destroy or seriously damage your office, your cloud-based backups can be accessed from a temporary location to restore your operations quickly. This ability to restore on the fly means you can go back to serving clients even when your business is still actively trying to rebuild.

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