Radiant Skin Starts With Knowing Your Skin Type

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Radiant Skin

Winter is on the way …is your skin ready?

Did you know that just as the seasons change, our skin changes too? Of course, there are many factors that affect changes in our skin.  Things like stress, hormonal changes, daily water consumption, our diet, and of course environmental changes.  Keeping your youthful appearance with the right skin care routine, means finding what works YOU.

The first step to any good skin care routine is understanding your skin type. This allows you to choose products and customize a routine.  There are three easy steps to determining your skin type. First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and blot dry.  Next, wait several hours before applying any products to your skin. Lastly, using blotting paper, dab your face one area at a time to see which areas are oily (leaving a residue on the paper,) if any.  Looking in the mirror at arm’s length, determine if your pores are barely noticeable, small or large? Is your face shiny, dull or neither?

Here is a brief description of each type to help you determine yours.  Normal skin will appear neither oily nor dry, although may be slightly oily on the nose or forehead.  These areas are naturally a little oily.  Your skin will have very few discolorations or change in tone and is blemish free appearing smooth and clear.  Pores are usually small and/or barely noticeable.  Dry skin will appear flaky, with red or dry patches.  Your skin lacks luster and moisture appearing dull.  Skin may appear tight with small pores and be prone to wrinkles and lines more easily.  Oily skin often has a shiny appearance over much of your face.  Typically, you have larger pores, experience blackheads and be prone to acne.  Sensitive skin tends to have blotchy and/or red patches very visible several hours after washing.  Typically you are prone to rashes and irritation with itching or burning.  May also have broken capillaries.  Combination skin types have areas which are oily, usually around the forehead, nose and chin.  Other areas around the eyes, cheeks, hair and jawlines are often dry.  Typically, combination types have larger pores and are prone to blackheads and occasional breakouts.

A good skin care routine includes cleansing, exfoliating, a toner and moisturizer used morning and night.  In the morning you will want to use sunscreen and foundation.  Remember foundation is the last step of skin care, not the first step of your makeup.  Foundation serves to protect our skin, as well as the primer for our color.

Now is the perfect time to be sure your skin is ready and protected from the changing winter air.

Together we can find a routine perfect for your LIFEstyle™.  You can have a radiantly flawless natural look in only a few minutes a day. My favorite skin care is the Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set.  See the results for yourself.

Regardless of which brand you use, you will want your facial products to be of the same brand. Most companies design products that work well with their product line.  So why risk finding out how different brands will interact.  If you need help designing a routine that works for you, I would be happy to work with you. Radiant skin is something few are born with, but everyone can have it!

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