Release Instant Gratification

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Pat Altvater

We’ve become an instant gratification society; we want everything NOW!  We’re accustomed to fast food, changing the TV channels with a push of a button and instant information on the Internet.  When this mindset flows over to our business, it can be harmful.

Studies show that individuals who practice delayed gratification are more successful, financially stable and happy people.  They know that a choice today that may result in waiting for results is typically better than the quick fix of instant gratification.

Where do you notice you are looking for instant gratification in your business? Here’s an example: I just heard that someone left a group I belong to after just four months and her excuse – she hadn’t gotten a client yet!!

Mastering delayed gratification can be developed by practicing with small goals.  Select one behavior change and do it every day.   Keep track daily to keep yourself accountable for making this change.  Here are some easy things you can do to build your self-discipline muscle by exercising delayed gratification:

  1. Check email only twice a day, if feasible for your type of business.
  2. Put the $3.50 from your daily café mocha into a savings account for something you’d like to buy; rather than buying it now with credit, wait until you have the cash to purchase the item.
  3. Get up an hour earlier for quiet time or exercise (or both).

Each small victory leads to greater victories so keep your momentum going by selecting other goals to work on; goals that may be more long-term in nature.  Before you know it, delayed gratification will become one of your values.


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