Rochelle Forest Shines Her Light

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Rochelle Forrest

Rochelle Forest is not only an author, speaker and coach, she is the founder of “Tummies, Minds and Spirits,” a foundation to bring positive energy and light to oppressed areas.  While speaking and working with her private clients, she shares her light to ignite their path and helps them gain balance with their body, mind and spirit.

Rochelle began her career in the medical field as a nurse and because of her own life experiences became a holistic health coach. Throughout the ups and downs of her life she realized there was a need for her services. Later, she realized an even larger need existed in other parts of the world and she founded, “Tummies, Minds and Spirits.”

Rochelle was raised as a Catholic, but she didn’t feel she fit in the traditional religious model. She began to feel she was serving from an empty cup.

“Being raised with the idea of praying as an action, drove me, but I came to realize that my vision was not goal-oriented or driven. I came to understand that my mission, vision and purpose are what drive my whole life. When I relax and accept life’s challenges, the power to move through life and achieve happiness, becomes greater and my light shines brightest.”

She also realized others were feeling the same way and needed the information she had learned from her experiences.

Rochelle’s mission and goals have evolved throughout her life. As the second child in her family she did all of the things expected of her, but she was not happy and her body was not healthy. She had to stop and evaluate her living process and understand the importance of nutrition, as well as, exercise and the effects they have on the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

She feels her mission is to share her light to help others leave their personal darkness and help each person to find their true personal light that reflects a positive mental approach to life, whether it be in their business or personal life.

Her foundation, “Tummies, Minds and Spirits,” allows her to bring focus to every part of a person’s life. If a tummy is empty, their light will dim and individual happiness will be lacking. Her mission is to share her light with the community, as well as the world, to create a shift in sharing that brings about a balance of mind, body and spirit to create a better place for every individual, community and ultimately the world.

In her foundation work, Rochelle has actually traveled to South Africa to reach out to people to affect change and improve lives. Her foundation goes into the tribes and villages to assess their needs. With that assessment, local individuals are trained and funded to make sure tummies are full so that minds can be opened to receive nourishment too.

One of the ways Rochelle brings her message to her own community is through participation in Indy Biz TV Shows as the Host of “Re-Ignite Your Inner Passion.”  Her videos on Indy Biz TV Shows give her a place to share her message to a wider audience and allows people to get to know her more personally.

Rochelle said,

“Indy Biz TV Shows gives me a chance to share my journey, through social media and word of mouth.”

Rochelle is also available for speaking engagements, to spread her concept of light and improvement of minds and the spirits of people around the world.

Even when Rochelle’s path seems to be taking a wrong turn, she takes the positive approach and uses it as a learning experience on the journey to reach her ultimate goals.

Through life’s trials and errors comes wisdom. Rochelle continues to learn and appears to be in a good place in her life right now.

“I am finally to a point in my life, that I like who I am. I’m not trying to be who everyone else wants me to be or working on someone else’s agenda. It’s a very humbling place to be in my life right now. I realize that each day, I make better decisions. I’m gentler on myself and understand that through love, I am attracting healthier and more pleasing things in my life”

She does not become overly concerned if someone is being critical of what she is trying to accomplish with her life. She has surrounded herself with a strong group of friends and associates that she trusts to keep her on the right path.

You can learn more about Rochelle’s teaching and philosophy in her book “Re-Ignite Your Inner Light.” A companion workbook is also available on Amazon.

She also hosts master-mind groups that discuss problems, as well as, concerns and explore methods to expand each individual’s light to better enjoy this journey, we call life.

Reach out to Rochelle and learn more about her coaching program, foundation or speaking opportunities, at her website.  Also visit Tummies Minds and Spirits online.

Listen to the complete interview with Rochelle that formed the basis for this article.

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