Small Steady Steps

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small steady steps

As an executive coach, I work with real go-getters!  They want to accomplish their goals with ease as opposed to the stress and struggle they’ve been experiencing.

I believe you want that too. Let’s say you have a goal – something you want to accomplish that really matters to you.  There are TWO VERY different ways to proceed.  The first is the one that I did for many years – develop an aggressive action plan, then work 60 -80 hours a week to make sure you made it happen.  There are 2 possible results from this strategy –

1.) You will burn–out and give up or

2.) You reach it and are too exhausted to enjoy your accomplishment.

There is a better way, especially at the very beginning, what I call the Lift-off phase: SMALLER is better. I can’t stress it enough – a strategy of small steady steps is the key to accomplishing big goals with ease. Many of us want to race headlong into lift-off.  It is at the beginning of a new project that we are the most excited, prone to promise big results and often end up like the proverbial bug on a windshield.

One reason is that it takes so much energy to begin something new. Like a rocket ship that uses most of its fuel just getting off the ground –that’s the way things go with a new project or goal. The principle I now advocate of small steady steps taken consistently over time has been proven to be much more effective. Plus this strategy bypasses that stress inducing part of our brain, the amygdala, which gets activated at the very thought of anything big, new and different.

When I first began studying to be a coach, of the many principles, tools and skills I learned, this is the one that stood out the most for me – the value of taking small steady steps.  I saw where I had often made things a lot harder than they needed to be. I was one of those talented, successful and yet exhausted executives I love to work with now.

So here’s my Quick Tip:  Look at your action plan for that big Goal that lights you up.  Does it consist of small steady steps so you can deliver the results you have promised without killing yourself and driving everyone around you crazy?  A plan you can implement with ease as opposed to a lot of struggle?  If so, great!  If not, take some time to redesign it based on this valuable principle.  If you need some support, email me.  Because remember-

Whatever your goal or dream …WE can Make it Happen… with ease.

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