Soar to New Heights with the Power of the Cloud!

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The cloud is somewhat of a confusing term to a lot of people, despite the fact that it’s a major buzzword for businesses these days. If you’re currently using on-premises equipment – from servers to computers to software – you’re likely skeptical of the idea of someone else hosting the equipment you depend on for your day-to-day work. But hear me out: the cloud is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to cut costs while increasing scalability, flexibility, and more.

Let’s start by defining what the cloud actually is. The cloud describes internet based computing where shared resources are accessed. Essentially, there are servers throughout facilities around the world that house all of the infrastructure we rely on – and we simply access those servers for whatever we need.

This gives us the ability to access applications, desktops, email, phones, and much more – all from any location, anytime. The best part of the cloud is the fact that most businesses wouldn’t be able to have the same level of security as a cloud provider does within their facility, so you’re able to rest assured knowing you’re secure without having to invest in those measures.

Here are 4 reasons for every business to make the change from on-premises to cloud computing:

1. Boost productivity in AND out of the office: The cloud lets you and your team get work done anytime, from any location because you’re able to stay connected no matter what. You can share documents, edit files, and communicate in “real time” easier than ever before.
2. Decrease costs while improving cash flow: You no longer have to worry about procuring, maintaining, and supporting all of that onsite equipment. Instead, you simply pay a flat-rate monthly fee for what you use and that’s it. This creates serious savings for your company in the long-term.
3. Make changes in a more agile, speedy way: If you need to add new users, update settings, or make any changes at all, you can make them in the most agile, speedy way with a few clicks of a button. This is particularly helpful for small businesses that don’t have the budget to pay for a dedicated IT department.
4. Focus on your core competencies, not your technology: The cloud lets you focus on your core competencies instead of worrying about installing and maintaining technology or troubleshooting issues as they arise. It’s all handled for you – so you can get back to what’s most important: your business.

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