Stepping into Fall, Brown is the New Black

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brown is new black

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  All the vibrant colors paired with a rich chocolate brown with endless combinations.   As you transition your closet from summer, take inventory.  How much of your wardrobe is the color black?  Is ten percent of your wardrobe black or more than 25% black? If it is, I get it! We have been told for years that black is the perfect color.  That black is slimming and a neutral that goes with everything! So who doesn’t want to look slimmer, right!?  But is black really your best color? All colors have an effect on us, just as it does in our environment.

The energy of black is very still, like the night.  Is that your LIFEstyle™ energy? Do you have that very stillness about you? When your innate energy is not in sync with what you are wearing, it’s not your best. You might feel frumpy instead of fabulous.  You might feel like your energy has been drained.  Did you know black can age your appearance?  While wearing black may be okay, do you really want to settle for okay?  When you are wearing you’re the right color palette for you, you will not only feel fabulous, you can create a wardrobe that is uniquely your image and feel more confident.

Now I’m not saying that you have to completely eliminate black from your wardrobe!  What I am saying is it shouldn’t be your primary color (or even secondary).  See for yourself by taking a selfie wearing black, and then brown.  More than likely you will notice that when wearing brown, your face will have a more youthful appearance.

If you discover that black is better, then you are likely to be an Excellence Style, as they wear black excellently. Now add the rich colors of fall and have fun with it.   Remember, it’s not always the same when looking in the mirror; so be sure to do photos and look at those.

Here are three tips to step into fall this season.  First, when you do wear black, keep it to a minimum near your face by adding color.  You can do this by adding a collared shirt, jewelry or a scarf.   Secondly, find a rich brown jacket, blazer or cardigan type sweater to add to your wardrobe.  Think layers, and play with the colored pieces you already own.    Lastly, pair a rich brown pair of slacks with a colored top and coordinating accessories. You’ll find rich chocolate brown can be just as slimming!

Now you are ready to cost-effectively transition into fall.  If you would like to learn more or discover color palette and power color, visit   Take my quiz and discover your LIFEstyle ™.

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