Supportive Therapies for an Everyday Health Plan: My Story

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Nia demonstration

Often I get asked – how I got started using essential oils and other nontraditional health practices. Here’s my story along with how you can get started doing a daily practice – easily!

I believe I have been open-minded about health practices but I “grew up” with our traditional Western medicine. I remember that I was working as a RN in the ICU – doing my job and thinking – there has got to be more to healing than what I am doing now! Well, ask and you will receive!

A few weeks later, I became aware of energy therapy specifically Healing Touch. I took all the class levels – not sure why because this was totally outside my thinking and that was 20 years ago!! I began using this practice with myself and my family for first aid, relaxation and balance. I included daily meditation to help me get focused for my day.
A few years later, I was introduced to essential oils. This really expanded my health awareness. I used essential oils and supplements to help correct my low thyroid and high cholesterol levels. I continue to use essential oils on a daily basis.

I realized the importance of exercise and movement. I discovered Nia and became an instructor with a focus on helping others to regain flexibility and strength with an emphasis on FUN! This fitness program is adaptable for all levels and includes a mind, body, spirit focus.

Today, I continue to practice and include various supportive therapies in my plan. I suggest that you begin with one new practice – it may be a change in diet, addition of exercise or a commitment to relaxation practice. Slowly it will become a habit and part of an everyday plan.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a session, please visit my website.

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