Taking the Stress out of Travel

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  • 3 Months ago
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When I was a little girl I dreamed of traveling to big cities and exotic destinations. I still get excited when I look at my calendar and see an upcoming trip…no matter where I’m going.

But travel has become very stressful. Crowded airports, long lines, excess fees, poor customer service. These things combined can add up to an unpleasant commute.

I’ve put together a few strategies to simplify my travel routine to keep it as stress free as possible.

My first tip is to be very flexible. I’ve come to expect that one in three flights has a delay or dilemma. I am no longer surprised when there is an over booking, mechanical delay, or a weather problem When I am speaking at a conference out of town, I no longer schedule myself to arrive the night before. It’s a must to have my feet on the ground at least 24 hours before I go on stage. Then, if there are any delays, interruptions, or lost luggage, it’s not a crisis.

Next, I have a streamlined packing system. When I get home I make sure that my luggage is clean, empty and in good shape before I put it away. This avoids the frustration of discovering a hole in your suitcase or a broken wheel just before you begin to pack. I also invested in quality, sturdy luggage, cosmetic and travel bags.

My best time saver when it comes to travel is to have a duplicate set of toiletries and cosmetics. That makes packing so easy. The next time you find yourself running low on a skincare or cosmetic item, replace it immediately and put the half-used one in your travel bag. Soon you will have a complete duplicate set and you’ll never again find yourself away without your favorite mascara or hair spray.

Whether I am traveling by car or airplane, I carry a tote bag with me that has every necessity. Reading materials, contact lenses, important projects, cell phone and computer chargers, wifi hotspot, change of clothes. Anything that I might need if I get separated from my luggage or wind up stranded is in that bag.

No matter where you’re going you don’t want to arrive stressed out or exhausted. I hope these tips help you stay positive and enjoy your time on the road.

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