Timing Plays a Role in Successful Selling

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Timing successful selling

It has been said that you can’t sell anyone anything. You can only match your solution to their problem. As a matter of fact, I’ve been known to say that! When we talk about sales, we aren’t really talking about selling. We’re talking about building relationships and gaining trust.

Both of these things take time. We live in a very competitive world. There are few industries that have little to no competition. So, our prospects have the ability to decide who they want to work with. They get to pick the person or company they trust most. That trust takes time to earn. The prospect has to get to know you and how you do business. Otherwise, they won’t buy what you have to sell.

At the same time, they have to need what you offer. This is the other place where timing matters. You have to be top of mind when they need your solution. Makes sense, doesn’t it? You can’t sell something, you can only match your solution to their problem. They have to be experiencing the problem in order to value the solution.


The good news is that by taking the time to build the relationship you are staying connected to the prospect. This way you are there when the time arises that they need you. It’s the relationship building that keeps you top of mind.

So, approach the sales process as one of relationship building and timing. Set a plan that allows the prospect to get to know you and your business. Make sure you are doing things that instill trust and keep you interacting with the prospect. That way, when they have a need they will turn to you first.

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