Top Security Tips for Businesses

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With advances in technology comes an increase in security threats which, if not taken care of right away, can severely affect your business. With that in mind I wanted to share with you some of the top security best practice guidelines which will go a long way to ensure that your business is safe and secure.

#1. Encrypt your data: Encryption of stored data, file systems, and data transfers is essential to protect sensitive data as well as to help prevent data loss due to equipment loss or theft.

#2. Implement a removable media policy: Devices like USB drives, external hard disks, external DVD writers or any writeable media facilitate security breaches coming into or leaving your network. Restricting the use of those devices is an effective way to minimize security threats.

#3. Implement DLP and auditing: Be sure to use DLP or data loss prevention and file auditing to monitor, alert, identify, and block the flow of data into and out of your network.

#4. Use a spam filter on your email servers: Using a time-tested spam filter will remove unwanted email from entering your inbox and junk folders. It is important that you identify junk mail even if it’s from a trusted source.

#5. Use a comprehensive endpoint security solution: Using an antivirus software alone is not enough to provide defense against today’s security threats. Go for a multi-layered product to prevent malware infections on your devices.

#6. Use Network-based security hardware and software: Start using firewalls, gateway antivirus, intrusion detection devices, and monitoring to screen for virus signatures, unauthorized intrusion, and other over-the-network attacks.

#7. Maintain security patches: Make sure that your software and hardware defenses stay up-to-date with new anti-malware signatures and the latest patches. If your antivirus program doesn’t update on a daily basis, make sure that you get a different one.

And finally.#8, Educate your employees: As simple as it sounds, this might be the most important nonhardware, non-software solution available. An informed user will more likely behave more responsibly and take fewer risks with valuable company data resulting in fewer threats to your organization.

Businesses can’t afford to take chances with security. Why? Because doing so can trigger a domino
effect, causing a cascade of problems that can lead to operational outages, data loss, security breaches, and the subsequent negative impact to your company’s bottom line. If you would like to learn more about security for your business, please visit our website. Also be sure to watch my video on this topic.

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