What is a Power of Attorney & Why Should You Have One?

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Power of Attorney

I have a friend whose father was in an accident while traveling and unconscious for several days. It took her days to find him because she didn’t have a Power of Attorney for him allowing the hospital to give her any information. She was finally able to track him down, but it was not easy. Think about when you visit your doctor – you sign a HIPAA waiver, right? Well, without that piece of paper authorizing your doctor, a hospital or anyone in the medical field to provide ANY information about you, you could turn up like my friend-broken hearted, thinking the worst, all because she wasn’t able to get confirmation of his location or condition.

By definition, a Power of Attorney is a person who is appointed to speak on your behalf if you are unable to. Not only can this person speak for you, he or she can also manage your finances in a time of need. For example, if you are hospitalized and unconscious or too confused or overwhelmed to convey your medical wishes, a Power of Attorney will step in and do this for you.

Financial Powers of Attorney manage all financial needs, including bill payment, banking needs, and tax preparation, and even just the ability to speak with a representative on the telephone.

Medical Powers of Attorney do the same, except they allow you to name someone to act on your behalf as your advocate when faced with making the appropriate medical decisions or even if it’s just being able to speak with the doctor for an update on your health.

Solutions for Independence POA’s act in both a medical and financial role. Our Power of Attorney’s communicate with physicians, hospital staff & family members, manage medications & nutrition, arrange nursing and caregiving services. We also manage finances including bill paying, banking needs, and tax preparation,

Without having a Power of Attorney in place, it is next to impossible for someone to speak on your behalf. It is against healthcare regulations to obtain and share medical information without having a medical Power of Attorney. Without having a financial Power of Attorney in place, bills cannot be paid, utilities could be shut off, and finances could fall behind

For those who do not have anyone to appoint – for any number of reasons- As a fiduciary of the court, we are able to act in this capacity for you, as your advocate, making sure that what needs done is done right and what you want to happen, does.

Please contact us if you need assistance in creating or acting in this role for you.

Read this article in the May issue of Soar to Success magazine.


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