What’s Unknown in the Realm of Cybersecurity This Year?

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As the years go on, threats tend to get deeper, more sophisticated, and easier to hide within infrastructures so businesses don’t even notice them until the damage is done. Whether it’s a major corporation or a small business, no one is immune to threats in the realm of cybersecurity.

From criminal networks to independent hackers, there’s far too many people out there with bad intentions when it comes to infecting your network. In 2016, we saw a number of terrifying headlines, damage to corporate reputations, and of course, fines for lack of protection against data breaches.

So what’s in store for 2017? The truth is, it’s only going to get worse. Businesses of all types and sizes must be proactively assessing their networks to understand what’s vulnerable, what needs to be patched, and above all, what needs to be done to ensure they’re ready for battle against a multitude of unknowns.

Here’s what you need to know to start preparing your company and your employees to protect your livelihood:

Maintain a proactive, instead of reactive, approach: Many businesses focus on waiting for alerts to happen, instead of preventing them in the first place. It’s vital to get ahead of threats. That means understanding global economic developments, as well as geopolitical events, to gain an intelligence so you can anticipate threats.

Focus on training, in addition to spending, when it comes to security: We’ve seen so many regulatory fines occur throughout the last year, yet businesses still often believe spending more money is the solution. Sure, security can cost money, but training your staff to spot malware is invaluable.

Take a look at legacy systems as a potential entry point for hackers: Many of us still run legacy systems that aren’t as secure as they need to be. Businesses must have visibility into their entire network, and often, legacy systems must be replaced with more secure next-gen solutions to make this happen.

There’s been an exponential rise in connectivity over the past few years, which means hackers have more ways than ever before to get inside of a network and take control. In fact, we’ve seen the amount of ransomware instances explode due to this rise in connectivity. Businesses can no longer afford to take a relaxed approach to securing against cybercrime.

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