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Tina L. Moe, C.P.A., CGMA, formed A.C.T. Services in 2002, and began building

her business. Her practice has grown to a clientele more than 1,200 clients and a

team of more than a dozen staff members. Tina attributes her business growth

to being proactive with her clients, maintaining affordability and accessibility of

the business owner herself.

Tina is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

and the Indiana CPA Society.

Contact her at:

and on

Watch Tina’s video series

dependent on your 2016 federal

tax returnwho’s required to file a

tax return. You’ll need to include

their income even if they don’t

need health coverage. If your

final 2016 income is higher than

your estimate, you probably

received more tax credits than

you qualified for and you’ll likely

have to pay back the difference

with your 2016 tax return. Be

sure to report your income as

close to actual as possible and

update your income information

on your application as soon as

any changes occur to avoid a big

tax bill next year!

Be sure to check back for part

4 of this 4 part series to learn








Core Business Strategy