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moment and sees there is a path to that dream

they’ve had for years. In her work, she supports

them as they begin to take the steps necessary to

make it a reality and, finally, celebrates with them

when they make it happen. She loves it when

someone goes from burnt-out to lit-up about

possibilities they didn’t see before.

Joan said,

“I lovemywork, aswell as spending timehelping

my parents and riding horses with friends.

Recently on a walk, I was thinking about the

fact that no matter what is happening in my

life I feel like I am where I am supposed to be.”

That’s no surprise, since Joan is a strong believer in

having a crystal clear vision for your life and your

business. Hers involves what she believes is just

the right amount of business growth and personal

free time.

As Joan continues to live her vision and values,

one thing that she’s done is put her professional

development trainings on-line to make it easy for

people from all over to access them. She loves

that distance is no longer a factor. They are self-

paced so her clients can enjoy them while relaxing

at home, with a cup of coffee. They all include

one-on-one or group coaching so she is with them

every step of their way to getting clarity on what’s

important to them and conquering the obstacles

that are in their way. That allows them to get past

that place where they normally get stuck and quit.

Joan’s personal experience has helped her realize

there is more to life that just a 70-hour work week.

When we asked for her definition of success, she

shared a new definition of success that she learned


Dr. Maria Nemeth w

hile training with the

Academy for Coaching Excellence.

“Success is consistently doing what you say you

will do, with clarity, focus, ease and grace. It’s

not about how much money you make. That is

the definition of success that I work with and

bring to my clients.” 

Joan’s past corporate experience, training and

knowledge give her the expertise to help guide

business people in their operations. Plus, her

understanding of what really makes a person

successful in business, as well as life, makes her the

perfect coach for any entrepreneur or overworked

busy professional.

Joan urges everyone to

email her y

our biggest

challenge and, at no charge, she’ll suggest a simple

I’ve caught myself

more than a

half dozen times

quoting Joan from

her Work-Life

balance training

when chatting

with other working

moms. Now

instead of venting

my frustrations,

I use one of her

tools and carry

on.” KL







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