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What she began to see was that the part about

her work she loved was coaching and training

new people. The people she hired, in her former

position, were technicians that she had to teach

sales, business planning and how to succeed in an

environment totally new to them. When she left

4 were Regional Vice-Presidents and one was a

National VP.

Obviously, she was good at her job and it was

something that she enjoyed doing. During her

reflection period, she realized that she couldmerge

her business experience with some new coaching

skills and help people in the same manner that she

used to in her corporate life.

The first step Joan took, nine years ago, was to

further her own training, which she did by earning a

degree from the

Academy for Coaching Excellence

(she is now also on the faculty). Her new education

combined with her past work experience became

the foundation for her own business, Washburn Endeavours.

Joanmovedback toOhio. Shecurrently lives inahouse

she loves in a village on the south shore of Lake Erie.

It’s 7 miles from her parent’s farm, where she recently

built a stable to keep her 2 Tennessee Walkers.

Her business working with smart driven

professionals allows her to remotely coach people

from all over the country, hold training workshops

and webinars, deliver speaking engagements and

be in control of her time. Her clients typically want

to accomplish more but with less stress, to stop

feeling guilty about work-life balance and FINALLY

accomplish that goal they’ve had for a really

long time! That’s something Joan understands


Joan has compassion for people who are as crazy

busy and driven as she used to be. She shared that

it’s her greatest joy when a person has an AHA!







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